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Americana - Triple Thick Brilliant Brush-On Gloss Glaze 236ml

10900 kr
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Triple Thick Gloss Glaze

Are you looking for a clean glazed finish for your latest creation? Triple Thick is your answer! Triple Thick Glaze has become a fan favorite for good reason. The extra thick formula can be applied on hard surface projects to create a smooth, stroke free, glazed finish. After drying, the thick formula adds the illusion of depth to any project. Triple Thick is recommended for use on hard surfaces such as rocks, wood, wicker, plaster, paper mache, resin, painted china, bisque, pre-primed metal, jewelry, and more. Because it is extra thick, most surfaces need only one coat. 

We do not recommend using Triple Thick on most canvas projects. Because of its weight, it can cause canvas to dip or bow. We recommend trying one of our DuraClear Varnishes for canvas projects.  

Before using over a painted project, be sure your paint has dried and cured completely. Otherwise you run the risk of dragging or blurring your paint.  

* Triple Thick has recently been discovered and recommended as a wonderful option for sealing Diamond Painting, with an ideal consistency and formula to protect the painting and retain the sparkle. We are investigating this within our internal team now!