Daler Rowney | Simply Gold Taklon Synthetic Brushes | 10 Piece Zip Case

An excellent "all-rounder" brush fibre that works with all media admirably. A springy fibre that is tough enough and stiff enough for acrylic and oil, but soft enough, with enough water carrying capacity to work quite well with watercolour.

Excellent for gouache!

This 10 piece set is an excellent starter/student set with an array of the most popular brush shapes in the most requested sizes.

Short handled for close up work with handles made from wood, painted and lacquered to give a smooth finish.

The set contains the following brushes:

  • Round - No.1 and No.6
  • Filbert - No.4
  • Flat Shader - No.6 and No.12
  • Liner - No.1
  • Angle shader - 1/4"
  • Flat wash - 3/4"
  • Skyflow - 1"
  • Fan - No.2

Each brush has its' own properties

  • Round - good colour carrying capacity,  Round body tapers to a point.
  • Filbert - a flat brush with curved corners which softens edges and offers good control.
  • Flat Shader - good for backgrounds, filling in and broad strokes
  • Liner - Long fine round brush, for long fine, precise lines.
  • Angle shader - For creating sweeping curves and accents.
  • Flat Wash - broad brush for wetting paper and background work.
  • Sky Flow - longer hairs, less regimented than a flat standard brush. For long broad sweeping layers of colour.
  • Fan - Excellent for stippling, grass and foliage.

This is just a basic run through of the use that each brush is for, adapt to your own needs and desired outcome!

Comes in a handy zip wallet.