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Model Set F-16C USAF

"- New tooling, recessed panel joints 
- 2 HARM Missiles 
- 2 LGB Bombs 
- AIM 120 Guided Missiles 
- Detailed cockpit 
- Detailed Undercarriage 
- Centre and Under-wing Tanks 

Decals for a USAF version: 
- F-16C - 149FW Texas ANG 65th anniversary scheme 2012 Lockland AFB, San Antonio, Texas, USA"

"The F-16 is regarded as one of the most versatile fighter aircraft in the world. It offers an almost unlimited mission envelope. It is cost-effective, multi-rolecombat system with high availability. Consistent development has also contributed to the expansion of mission profiles. F-16C Block 50/52 was developed as the ""Wild Weasel"" in order to counter enemy anti-air defences. For this role the aircraft is equipped with the AGM-88 HARM, an electronic target-acquisition system. With an empty weight of 8432 kg it is the heaviest version of the F-16. Almost all types of weapon in the USAF Air Force Weapons Arsenal of the can be fitted to the seven external weapon stations of an F-16C."