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Bladkobber - Simple Leaf - På vokspapir - (13,9cm x 13,9cm) - 5.5"X5.5" 18/Pkg-Copper

16900 kr

Speedball - Mona Lisa - Bladkobber / Slagmetall 13,97x13,97cm
5.5"X5.5" 18/Pkg- Copper
Inneholder: 100% Kobber / Copper.
NB! Ikke løse blad, bladene sitter fast i et vokspapir.

SPEEDBALL-Mona Lisa Simple Leaf. Make gorgeous works of art more prominent with beautiful silver; gold or copper leaf either in the art work or on the frame; use on furniture; ceramic; glass; plaster and any other hard surface that adhesive will adhere to (surface does not have to be flat; Simple Leaf works on all surface shapes: rounded; corners and textured. Simply spray; paint or pour your adhesive; lay out the silver leaf; lightly wipe the backing paper with a cloth of brush and when leaf is adhered to the surface; slowly and carefully peel back the backing paper; the effect: leaf only sticks where you placed the adhesive and the remainder stays on the sheet for later use; a brilliant shine and true looking silver; gold or copper effects without the tarnishing. Mona Lisa adhesives and sealers are recommended (not included). This package contains enough leaf to cover approximately 3.7 sq.ft. (eighteen 5-1/2x5-1/2 sheets. Imported.