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5990 kr

KUM - Automatic Sharpener with Lead Pointers (AS2M)

7875 kr

Precision sharpener for technicians, engineers, architects, artists – for everybody who wants a long precise pencil point. The separate sharpening of wood and lead gives a very improved perfomance. The Automatic Stop controls the long, fine points and avoids unecessary waste.

2 Step long cone sharpener

  1. The Blade removes only the wood from the lead until the lead touches the Automatic Stop. It is not possible to sharpen further.
  2. The free lead has now the right length for blade 2. It sharpens the lead to an extra long point. The Automatic Stop prevents further sharpening when the perfect point is finished.

Automatic AS2M
Combined pencil and lead sharpener for standard pencils and drawing leads with 2 mm and 3,15 mm