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Ghost Ship

"Myths abound around this ship. It is said to be damned. Dread and fear spread when it emerges glowing from the darkness. 

- Fluorescent colour and applicator brush in the kit 
- The colour absorbs light when it is illuminated and radiates it in darkness 
- Skull and crossbones sticker 

Handicraft fun with great results for everyone age 10 or older. Quick results are guaranteed with the innovative easy-click system: Multi-colour, precisely made components fit together for a sturdy connection and decorated with stickers. No painting necessary! The model can also be painted, which makes it completely unique. A recommendation with up to 5 colours is included in the instruction manual."

Myths abound around this ship. It is said to be cursed and fear and dread spread when it creepily emerges from the darkness. Awesome pirates once went hunting for booty with her and their spirits still haunt her today.

Mythen ranken sich um dieses Schiff. Es heißt es sei verflucht und Angst und Schrecken verbreiten sich, wenn es gruselig leuchtend aus der Dunkelheit auftaucht.Maßstab 1/150. 112 Einzelteile. 26,0 cm Länge. Ab 10 Jahren.