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Model Set Black Pearl

"A model construction kit of the legendary ""Black Pearl"" the ship commanded by Captain Jack Sparrow in the film series ""CURSE OF THE CARIBBEAN"". In the fifth part ""SALAZAR'S REVENGE"", Jack faces the fearsome Captain Salazar, who wants to kill every pirate on the open sea. 

- Wooden structured deck's 
- Structured sails 
- Anchor 
- Rowing boat 
- Guns 
- Shrouds 
- Figurehead 
- Decorated stern 
- Flag chart 
- Display stand 

Handicraft fun with great results for everyone age 10 or older. Quick results are guaranteed with the innovative easy-click system: Multi-colour, precisely made components fit together for a sturdy connection and decorated with stickers. No painting necessary! The model can also be painted, which makes it completely unique. A recommendation with up to 5 colours is included in the instruction manual."

Modellbausatz der legendären Black Pearl, dem Schiff von Captain Jack Sparrow aus der Filmreihe FLUCH DER KARIBIK. Maßstab 1/150. 112 Einzelteile. 26,0 cm Länge. Ab 10 Jahren.