Diorama Kit
By SceneARama

Create a basic landscaped surface. Includes foliage fiber, wild grass, yellow flowers, forest green accent, evergreen accent, shrubs, green ReadyGrass vinyl mat, foam brush, stir stick, spray bottle, 1 ounce of project glue, .5 ounce of sticky bond, plastic cup, sifter lid, 6 trees and instructions.

Diorama Kit: Basic. This versatile kit is great to create a basic, flat, landscaped surface. This package contains 36 square inches of foliage fiber, 0.5g of wild grass, 1.8 inches cubed of yellow flowers, 1.8 inches cubed of forest green accent, 3.6 inches cubed of evergreen accent, one foam brush, one stir stick, 45.1 inches cubed of shrubs, one spray bottle, 1 fl oz of project glue, 0.5 fl oz of sticky bond, 10-3/4x16-1/4 inches of green ReadyGrass vinyl mat, one plastic cup and sitter lid, six trees and instructions. For 7 years and up. WARNING: Sharp objects! Choking hazard! Small parts. Not intended for children under 3 years. Adult supervision required. Made in USA.